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It contains lots of carotenoids, the precursor to vitamin A. You could take a carotenoid supplement but that will have only one type of carotenoid; the sweet potato will have up to a thousand. Never mind the fibre present, and all the other vitamins and minerals present,” says Coleman. Likewise, leafy greens cannot be replicated in a tablet form, he adds. Yet protein shakes seem to be the staple diet of many a gym bunny. This is where a food supplement may play a useful role. Walk, run or cycle? Which is the best exercise? “The proteins in a chicken breast may take an hour and a half to two hours before the amino acids hit your bloodstream to start the repair process. A good whey protein will be in your bloodstream after 20 minutes, so it’s absorbed much quicker and thus the repair process can start much earlier,” explains Coleman. “If you are struggling to hit your protein goals, which should be approximately 2g per kilogram of bodyweight for fat-loss goals, then you might look at getting a protein powder. “I do say that it is better to eat as much nutrient-dense food as possible but a good whey protein is convenient and is used efficiently by the body, especially after training,” adds O’Hagan. Irish-produced products, such as whey protein powder, are subject to national regulation by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), and are invariably of a high standard.

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